Because we cannot be there to set your garden or soaker hose for you, and we have no control over your local weather, wind, type of terrain, or soil conditions, it is ultimately up to you to determine if your garden or soaker hose is touching the ground. The Garden Hose Snaps are intended to protect your lawn or garden from being burned or deprived oxygen from your hot garden or soaker hose.

Choose a calm day to set up your garden or soaker hose.  We are not responsible for damage or harm if the Garden Hose Snaps are not used for their intended purpose.  It is ALWAYS recommended you do not show small children how to remove the Garden Hose Snaps from the garden or soaker hose. Any Garden Hose Snap that is not properly secured to the garden or soaker hose can be easily removed. You should hear a “sound” (like a snap) when they attach.

Proper installation is your responsibility and additional Garden Hose Snaps should be purchased to support over 23 feet of garden or soaker hose.  We are not responsible for damage to old and worn garden or soaker hoses and the garden hose should be removed before cutting the grass, and then reinstalled.

When the grass grows above the garden hose it will appear the hose is on the ground. It is not and tips of the grass could turn brown but they will be cut off when you cut the grass. Check your garden hose by placing foot under the garden hose this will tell you if it is touching the ground. If it is, tighten up the garden hose between snaps.

Only leave the garden hose across the lawn when you plan on watering it.  We strongly recommend you purchase an automatic watering timer so you can water based on your lawn needs.  Please observe all county and municipal laws regarding water usage. Also, remember to drain your garden or soaker hose before rolling it up.




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