1. I have lag in my garden hose between hose snaps. How do I fix this?

    Answer: Start at one end of the garden hose and gently pull out the lag. Slightly twist the hose snap in either direction until it stops. It will grip the garden hose tightly. Work your way back to the end of the garden hose doing this. You should be able to put your foot under the hose. This way you know the garden hose is not touching the ground.

  2. Should I check my garden hose while it is on the lawn?

    Answer: Yes, periodically check the garden hose and make sure it has not been disturbed.

  3. When the grass grows up it looks like the garden hose is on the ground. Will this kill my grass?

    Answer: No, the garden hose will appear as if it is on the ground but it is not. You should still be able to slip your foot under the hose. Sometimes the tips of the grass will turn brown but they will be cut off when you cut the grass.

  4. How long can I leave the garden hose out?

    Answer: You can leave the garden hose out as long as you need. As long as it is set up correctly it should not kill the grass. Be responsible and use common sense.

  5. What about when I cut the grass?

    Answer: Just pull the garden hose up. The hose snaps will stay in place. When you are done reinstall the garden hose and give it the “foot-test.”

  6. Should I buy an automatic watering timer?

    Answer:  Yes, you should. This is the whole purpose of the hose snaps. It gives you the freedom to water your lawn and garden while you are away. Now you do not have to rush home to save the grass from an early death.